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A single picture, considerately shot, can reveal meaningful insight about a situation. Designers and project teams may use an image to influence an idea or make a case for design intent by publishing the story to larger communities of interest. 

Scenes from a long weekend back home in late December. Pastoral, cold, gray, grey, distant. A bus stop from my youth. Long roads to and from the house. The woods that I played in. The pond that I fished. Where I read poetry before I knew what that was. An old neighbor’s homestead, perfectly preserved. The Miller Farm. Middle School doors. 

In The Camera Fiend, Bill Jay traces a quick history of the technical, social, and cultural histories of amateur photography, revealing the contentious relationships that have always be present between photographer and human subjects. I felt this discomfort during certain moments of my Aunt’s funeral services as a participant-observer-photographer.

A brief mid-morning sprint during a 2013 teaching gig in Mexico City provided views from above and near-below street level. Brushing elbows with vendors and urban services revealed a sliver of a typical workday.